Shastrera is a large continent made up of 4 nations: Prosterra to the south, Daffur to the north-east, Hauderin to the west, and Brassica to the far north.

Prosterra is a democracy run by a council and led by Kataro, made up of adventurers and expert craftsmen, rather than simply nobles. The council are very popular among merchants and tradesmen, but nobles and royalists hold a dislike for them and their views, thinking them to be weak.

Daffur is a large kingdom run by the nobleman Zelphiel, who adventured with Kataro in earlier days. The kingdom is made up of a wide variety of races, a fair number of which moved there in wartime, as Daffur has not been to war for hundreds of years.

Hauderin also has a king, called Percival, but he is nearly an opposite to Zelphiel, in that him and his people are very wary of other races, will go to war to protect their borders, and has little respect for the adventuring community, instead increasing the size of its army and craftsmen and using any dungeons or ruins as military bases.

Brassica is a nation run on the idea that strength is the only trait worth nurturing. The currently dragonborn majority despise magic and mages of any kind, and have hunting teams set up to stop what they see as cheating nature. The current leader of Brassica is a dragonborn called Korrandir, who has no respect for any races bar dragonborn, goliaths, and half-orcs.


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